Once you have identified your strengths, we want to help you put them into action. One of the ways that we can please God the most is by showing our appreciation for the sacrifice of His Son, and of our obedience to his command for us to serve through volunteerism. The act of volunteering can be accomplished in so many ways, each with its own positive impact on the lives of others. At Rancho Vista Church, whether volunteering in an area that involves using the talents or gifts God has given you, or simply lending a hand in an area of ministry, you can feel like you are doing your part to fulfill Christ's calling.

Here is a list of RVC Ministries in need of volunteers:

  • Usher and Greeter Team
  • Hospitality Team
  • Mexico Missions Team
  • Events and Promotions Team
  • Care Team
  • Logistics Team

To learn more or to express your interest in joining one of our ministry teams, please contact any of our pastors.